ADDED: Rainbow Server : A custom Minecraft 1.8 server with plugins

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PostAdmin on Sun Nov 16, 2014 10:12 pm

ADDED: Rainbow Server : A custom Minecraft 1.8 server with plugins
BlackScorpion on Mon 13 Oct 2014 - 20:37
Project Rainbow

What is this?
A custom Minecraft 1.8 server .jar where all blocks and entities work. It has built-in features for /spawn, /tpa.
Custom Plugin support added and a 'Bukkit bridge' for Bukkit plugins (minimal support currently).

For downloads click here

For Plugin Developers -- See API information here:click here

Along with the API it surfaces for plugin developers to add new features, it comes with some 'baked in' features which include:

  • Spawn command (/spawn)
  • Homes (/sethome /home)
  • Request Teleport (/tpahere)
  • Economy (/buy /sell)
  • Name colors (/namecolor)
  • Backpacks (/bp)
  • Marriage 
  • Auto-Announcer
  • Chat censor
  • /ignore
  • Emotes (/smile, /wave)
  • Online Time Tracker (/jot)
  • Ride/Throw (/ride)
  • Spawn is protected from water/lava flow
  • Spawn has a 'monster force field' (monsters die when entering spawn)
  • Spawn is safe from PvP
  • Armor Stands will "dance" at spawn, and periodically everywhere on server.
  • Armor Stands also when placed will randomize their type (small, large, with base plate, without, etc)

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